How to Get Facebook Page Likes

In 2021

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by Nick Arietta - Updated Jan. 4, 2021


In this post, we'll show you STEP-BY-STEP how to get Facebook Page likes for your business page. 

In fact, this is the same strategy that we use at Lowkey app to grow our Facebook page by 500 likes per week.


So if you want to get Facebook Page likes for your business page in 2021, you'll love this new guide.

#1: Intro


This post will teach you how to get Facebook Page likes for your business page.

Your business might have a different target audience than the one that we use. That's fine!

This post is only meant to show you the process of gaining new page likes for free.

It's not meant to teach you about who your target audience should be. 

#2: Preview of Process 


1. Join Facebook groups that you think relate to your business

2. Post relevant photos inside the Facebook groups

3. When group members like your post, invite them to like your Facebook business page


While reading this post, you'll want to think about:

  •  Which Facebook groups match your business's target audience


  • What photos you think those Facebook groups would like to see

#3: Target Audience


Our goal is to join groups where the group members match our target audience. 


Before we start joining groups, we need to make sure we understand who our target audience is.


For this example, we'll be using our own business page, Low-key. 

Our target audience are kids between the ages of 13-24.

Most 13-24 year olds are interested in at least one of these categories:





For this example, we'll choose the music category and pick a very well known artist. JUSTIN BIEBER. Let's get started!

#4: Join Groups


1. Login to Facebook on a desktop/laptop & type "Justin Bieber" in the search bar


2. Click "Groups"


3. Click "Public groups"



Private groups don't allow you to invite group members to like your business page, so make sure you're only joining public groups.

4. Click "Join Group"


5. After you click "Join Group", select the business page that you want to join the group as


For this example: we've joined the group as our "Low-key" business page. 


If you don't see your desired business page listed, it's because:

  • that group doesn't allow business pages to join the group


  • you have already joined the group with that specific business page

6. After you click "Join Group", you may have to answer a couple questions from the groups admin


Answer the questions the best you can and click "Submit".

After completing all of the above steps, you'll see a confirmation on the bottom left of your screen.


7. As you're joining groups, be sure to only join active groups.

In the image below:

  • active groups = green

  • un active groups = red

We recommend only joining groups that have 10 or more posts a day.


#5: Groups List


After the group admin accepts your request, the group will display in your groups list.

1. To see your groups list, click "Pages"


2.  Click the page that you used to join the group


3. Click "More"


4. Click "Groups"


5. All of the groups that you've joined with this page will appear here.


#6: Post Inside Groups


Now it's time to post photos inside the groups that we've joined. 


1. Click the group that you want to post in


Now that we're inside the group, we need to find a photo to post.


2. Open up a new tab on your browser and type "Justin Bieber" into Google

google search.png

3. Find a photo that you think the group will like and save it

find a photo & click.png

4. Go back to the group and click "Photo/Video" and select the photo that you saved from Google


5. Now that the photo is ready, let's add a simple caption. Click the emoji icon


The heart emoji seems like a good fit for our photo. Lets click the heart emoji three times.


6. Now that our photo and caption are set, lets click "Post" 


Most groups have a setting where the admin is required to review each post before its published on the groups' page.  



Not all groups have this setting. Some groups allow your post to be published immediately after clicking the "Post" button.

7. You'll receive a notification when your post has been approved


Once your post is approved, group members will start liking your post.


We'd recommend checking how your post is performing 1 - 2 times per day (morning and night).

#7: Check Post Activity


1. Click "Pages"


2. Click  "Notifications"  next to your page


3. Here you'll see a list of all the photos that you've posted inside groups that have new likes.


#8: Invite People


Now its time to invite people to like our business page.

1. Let's click on our Justin Bieber notification


2. Click the number of likes


3. Click "Invite" next to every persons name


4. All of these people will get a notification asking them to like your business page.


#9: Maximize Conversions


Now that we've invited people to like our business page, we want to ensure that we convert as many of those invites into likes as possible.

Here are a few ways to maximize our conversion rate:

1. Upload a good profile photo. The simpler, the better


2. Upload a good cover photo. Your cover photo should represent the look & feel of your business


3. Pin an engaging photo on top of your page. Asking a question encourages people to comment


4. Now that our business page is looking good, we can finally watch those Facebook Page likes pile up


#10: Photo Types


In our example, we used a simple photo from google and posted it into a 'Justin Bieber' group.

The photo generated a good amount of likes, but engaging photos generate even more likes.

Difference between the two:

1. Simple photo from google

  • plain image with no text

2. Engaging Photo

  • asks a question

  • encourages people to take an action

  • (e.g. comment on your post or share your post)

How each perform: 

3. Simple photo posted into a 'Justin Bieber' group

justin bieber.png

165 likes, 7 comments, 3 shares

3.1. Simple photo posted into a 'Selena Gomez' group

selena gomez.png

218 likes, 7 comments, 2 shares

4. Engaging photo posted into a 'Chris Brown' group 

chris brown.png

588 likes, 239 comments, 62 shares

4.1. Engaging photo posted into a 'Vin Diesel' group

vin vs rock.png

764 likes, 75 comments, 19 shares

As you can see, simple photos from google perform pretty well, but engaging photos perform even better.

Here's a summary:

5. Simple photos from google

  • plain images with no text

  • quick & easy to find

  • result in decent amount of post likes

6. Engaging photos

  • ask a question/encourage action

  • take more time to create

  • result in more post likes, comments, and shares

#11: Recap of Process


1. Join Facebook groups that you think relate to your business

  • public groups only

  • "pages can now join this group"

  • groups with 10 or more daily posts

  • answer admin questions (if applicable)

2. Post relevant photos inside the Facebook groups

  • simple photos from google  = ok

  • engaging photos = best

  • admins may have to approve your post

3. When group members like your post, invite them to like your Facebook business page

  • good profile photo

  • good cover photo

  • engaging photo pinned to top of page

#12: Best Practices


1. The more groups you join, the better

2. It's ok to post the same photo inside multiple groups

  • e.g. you join 5 'Justin Bieber' groups and post the same photo in all 5 of them

3. Post in each group at least once a week

#13: Creative Tools


1. Canva


2. Use Canva to create:

  • logos

  • cover photos

  • memes

  • engaging photos

  • marketing materials

#14: Closing Remarks


We hope that you enjoyed our step-by-step guide on how to get Facebook Page likes for your business page. 

Now we’d like to hear what you have to say:

Which technique from this guide helped you most?

Are you going to use simple photos from google or engaging photos?

Or maybe you'll use a combination of both.

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below right now.